Symphonic death metal project filled up with noir cinematic epics of Antiquity. Their music is mainly inspired by Septicflesh, Devin Townsend, Alan Silvestri, Gustav Holst, Jerry Goldsmith. Each song is endless worship of the beautiful Darkness, a story told with sensual clean vocals, otherworldly growls, and massive orchestral arrangements. 

ERSEDU is a Ukrainian duo built up of Ʌ music and ⊽≀ voice. They met in 2008 in the band called Xes Dreams, released a full-length album NC-17 in 2011, and decided to take a break that ended up lasting 9 years. During this time, Iurii founded ScoreStorm Music Production specializing in oriental and cinematic music. His works were used as a soundtrack for the Ukrainian movie Chungul. Iurii also took part as an orchestra arranger for such metal bands as Sanatana (Brahmavidya (LP), 2017), Hell:On (Satan from Age Of Oblivion (LP), 2012), and IGNEA (Alga, How I Hate the Night from The Sign Of Faith (LP), 2017). In the meantime, Valeria was singing in Dust Heaven (synth-wave project), writing orchestral and electronic arrangements for the doom metal band Mournful Gust (For All The Sins (LP), 2012), and working as an assistant in ScoreStorm, creating music for commercials.